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Don’t let stress, burnout, or your inner critic derail your life. Transform from where you are to where you want to be. Work with Cari Merriam, a qualified and accredited spiritual guide, healer and wellbeing strategist, for expert, one-on-one transformational healing, coaching, and employee wellbeing strategy. Cari inspires conscious individuals and companies to create purpose driven, wellbeing based futures. Gain the tools needed to improve wellbeing, uncover + heal past traumas, navigate employee burnout, increase self-awareness and work with your core talents and strengths (your human brilliance).

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Human Brilliance Monthly Mastermind

Move past internal struggles and tap in to your natural human potential

Group coaching and monthly mastermind sessions to eliminate stress, tame your inner critic, and remove mental limitations and negativity to enhance every aspect of your life.

What to expect:

Each month you will receive a monthly overview of planetary energy themes (a combination of intuition, astrology, and Ayurvedic philosophies), along side a monthly yoga mastermind (teaching you how embody yoga off the mat). You will also have direct access to me via whatsapp alongside your fellow Human Brilliance soul family. On top of that you receive weekly themes providing you specific insight of what happening energetically on the planet delivered through my strategic mind, body, soul teaching methodology. Meaning that each week you get a new coaching video, yoga practice, guided meditation, affirmations, and a discovery journal.

My biggest shift has been my internal dialogue. I had NO idea how negatively I spoke to myself and about myself until this course. Since I have worked really hard on shifting the tone and language I use with myself. I set affirmations, I find things I love about myself both body and mind, and I am working on confidence and ownership of this bad-ass babe that I am. Because I was able to shift from focusing on areas in which I lacked and come from a place of abundance, I feel so much more grounded and less chaotic. My thoughts are more clear, calm, and positive and my overall energy feels brighter and stronger.”
— Katie: Freelancer, Creative, and Solopreneur


1:1 Transformational Coaching + Healing Sessions

Heal the past to achieve what you desire in the future.

A transformational healing session designed to help you break through internal barriers, and find a place of clarity, insight and wholeness. Combining coaching with breathwork, I help you move past internal struggles so you can connect you with your inner power.

What to expect:

We begin with a centering process to calm the mind. After this we talk through any internal issues you may be facing, and together work through potential insights & solutions. Guiding you into your heart to uncover past traumas, pains, and energetic blockages. The session is completed with 45 mins of deep, transformative breathwork to help you to break through your own energetic barriers.

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Cari’s one on one sessions hold space for powerful shifts and awakening. She intuitively knows how to support you in the exact way you are needing. She has a deep understanding of countless ancient philosophies, internal human struggles and modern application of spirituality that she weaves effortlessly into all that she shares with you. I always walk away from our sessions with eye-opening perspective and empowerment. I find the combination of our conversations and breath work to be some of the most expansive work I’ve done with another person. There are really no words or monetary value I can put to the impact our work has on my entire wellbeing. What a true gift it is to work with her.
— Jordan (Yoga Teacher, Branding Babe, + Freelancer)


Embodied Enlightenment Institute

Develop a long lasting, spiritually lead life.

A private vault of online courses & programs for people that are seeking spiritual growth and development.

What to expect:

  • 7 Day Breakthrough: Practices to support you in breaking through internal barriers and finding a daily rhythm to support your growth.

  • Yoga Life Awakening: Master the art of living an authentic, fulfilled life in this guided 100hr certified course.

  • Find Your Truth: Unlock your purpose & awaken your highest potential. A 42 day yoga practice experience

Yoga Life Awakening course honestly has changed my life. It has been so important. I know that in the future I will look back and will point to this course as the catalyst to changes personally, professionally, physically, and mentally. Can’t wait to see and interact with Cari in the future more.
— Grace (Employee turned Entrepreneur + Artist)


Employee Wellbeing for Conscious, innovative Companies

Receive happier, healthier, more productive employees.

Yoga, Meditation & Breathwork classes for the corporate environment, and my employee health & wellbeing program “StressLess”.

What to expect:

I tackle the root cause of workplace stress by helping individuals understand their own response mechanisms, while increasing their overall energy and wellbeing.

I’ve seen major shifts in my life and seriously think everyone needs to do this work.
— Sean (Family Run Business Employee + Creative)