I’d love to connect with you in person. Below you will see all my upcoming events and workshops.

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Upcoming Events


Tech Open Air Berlin

July 2-5

TOA Program Pillars - Emotional Innovation. The world is speeding up at an infinite rate. We’re living in an era where immediacy feels like a necessity, busy is the norm, we sleep with our phones instead of our partners and introspection is an afterthought. Let’s unpack the psychology of emotional intelligence, dig deeper into our relationships and open ourselves up to unexpected sources of inspiration. Tap into your inner self with physical and emotional workshops, mindfulness practices, rituals, ceremonies, talks, experiments and performances. These are intended to push you out of your comfort zone and into a stronger relationship with yourself and those around you.

Join Cari Merriam on the Forrest Stage for an ecstatic dance spiritual awakening workshop on July 3rd, 4:30pm.

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Melt festival

July 19 - 21

Three days of Melt Festival and Ferropolis has always been synonymous with immersion in a new world for three days, for a place irrespective of convention or borderline thinking, and for innovation - whether on or off the stage. With cmd + N, we now add another piece of the puzzle to this self-image: a journey between technology, digital enlightenment and interconnection, augmented & virtual reality, independent gaming and other digital experiences. A new perspective, just as the shortcut cmd + N opens new digital windows.

Let music light your soul on fire. Come join Cari Merriam for an ecstatic dance and breathwork spiritual awakening experience.

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Sweatlife The Festival Berlin is a party that brings together our favorite studios, yoga teachers and inspirational people to celebrate a packed day of sweat, fun and food for thought, with access to workouts, yoga, workshops and talks. There is much more to discover and experience, with great food and drink, chill-out area and some exciting surprises.

Come join Cari for a Yoga Life Awakening class - a fusion flow of yoga asana and breathwork as well as my workshop Embrace Your Inner Critic: Understanding the Duality of Self. Times to be determined.


Transformational Breathwork

The LAST Friday of each month ( 7:oop - 9:00p)

Yoga at Lobe Block, Böttgerstraße 16, 13357 Berlin

Expand your consciousness and get CLEAR on your Soul Purpose. Receive insight and wisdom on the next steps needed to take in your life through the power and insight that lives within you.

Awaken to the power and potential of your breath and blessings it will bring to you.

Please bring a journal and a pen.

25 euro energy exchange at the door or reserve your spot by purchasing a ticket below.

Doors open at 6:45pm